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April 21, 2017

Raven Receives Carlisle’s 2017 Excellence Award

RAVEN recently received Carlisle’s 2017 Excellence in Single-Ply (ESP) award. One of the most prestigious awards in the commercial roofing industry, ESP was created 20 years ago to identify and reward Carlisle’s most successful contractors. ESP status is given out annually to a small percentage of Carlisle’s most dedicated and professionally minded applicators. Selection into this elite group is based on a company’s volume and quality of Carlisle single-ply roofing systems.

RAVEN has installed and warranted 4,677,363 square feet of Carlisle’s single-ply roofing systems over the years and has completed 232 Perfect 10 installations as judged by Carlisle’s final inspection process. It is this unyielding dedication to quality, coupled with the sheer volume of our installations that has allowed RAVEN to receive the ESP distinction. RAVEN is one of a select group of authorized applicators that has received this honor, solidifying our elite status within the contractor recognition program.

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